• Please NOTE: The listed program is in PDT(Pacific Daylight Time) on June 18th, 2024;

  • Welcome Message from the Chairs (13:30-13:40)

    Keynote Talk 1 (13:40-14:00)

    "Exploring the potentials of EM spectrum: 20 Years of Perception Beyond the Visible Spectrum at CVPR" Riad Hammoud
    PlusAI, USA

    Keynote Talk 2 (14:00-14:30)

    "Beyond Visible Spectrum: Twenty Year Retrospective" Mubarah Shah
    University of Central Florida, USA

    Keynote Talk 3 (14:30-15:00)

    "Boosting Diffusion Models for Visual Synthesis" Bjoern Ommer
    University of Munich, Germany

    Coffee Break (15:00-15:30)

    Poster Session (15:30 - 16:30)

    "Deep Learning-Based Identification of Arctic Ocean Boundaries and Near-Surface Phenomena in Underwater Echograms" Femina Senjaliya, Melissa Cote, Amanda Dash, Alexandra Branzan-Albu, Andrea Niemi, Stephane Gauthier, Julek Chawarski, Steve Pearce, Kaan Ersahin, Keath Borg
    "BiMAE - A Bimodal Masked Autoencoder Architecture for Single-Label Hyperspectral Image Classification" Maksim Kukushkin, Martin Bogdan, Thomas Schmid
    "HNN: Hierarchical Noise-Deinterlace Net" Amogh Joshi, Nikhil Akalwadi, Chinmayee Mandi, Chaitra Desai, Ramesh Tabib, Ujwala Patil, Uma Mudenagudi
    "Seeing the Vibration from Fiber-Optic Cables: Rain Intensity Monitoring using Deep Frequency Filtering" Zhuocheng Jiang, Yangmin Ding, Junhui Zhao, Yue Tian, Shaobo Han, Sarper Ozharar, Ting Wang, James Moore
    "SwinFuSR: an image fusion-inspired model for RGB-guided thermal image super-resolution" Cyprien Arnold, Philippe Jouvet, Lama Seoud
    "CAFF-DINO: Multi-spectral object detection transformers with cross-attention features fusion" Kevin Helvig, Baptiste Abeloos, Pauline Trouve
    "Learning Surface Terrain Classifications from Ground Penetrating Radar" Anja Sheppard, Jason Brown, Nilton Renno, and Katherine A. Skinner
    "Scattering Prompt Tuning: A Fine-tuned Foundation Model for SAR Object Recognition" Weilong Guo, Shengyang Li, Jian Yang
    "MvAV-pix2pixHD: Multi-view Aerial View Image Translation" Jun Yu, Keda Lu, Shenshen Du, Lin Xu, Peng Chang, Houde Liu, Bin Lan, Tianyu Liu
    "Flexible Window-based Self-attention Transformer in Thermal Image Super-Resolution" Hongcheng Jiang
    "Multi-Scale Feature Fusion using Channel Transformers for Guided Thermal Image Super Resolution" Raghunath Puttagunta, Birendra Kathariya, Zhu Li, George York
    "Exploring the usage of diffusion models for thermal image super-resolution: a generic, uncertainty-aware approach for guided and non-guided schemes" Carlos Cortes, Jean-Bernard Hayet
    "Narrowing the Synthetic-to-Real Gap for Thermal Infrared Semantic Image Segmentation Using Diffusion-based Conditional Image Synthesis" Christian Mayr, Christian Kuebler, Norbert Haala, Michael Teutsch
    "Performance Evaluation of Segment Anything Model with Variational Prompting for Application to Non-Visible Spectrum Imagery" Yona Gaus, Neelanjan Bhowmik, Brian Medina, Toby Breckon
    "Forward-Forward Algorithm for Hyperspectral Image Classification" Abel Reyes-Angulo, Sidike Paheding
    "Revisiting pre-trained remote sensing model benchmarks: resizing and normalization matters" Isaac Corley, Caleb Robinson, Rahul Dodhia, Juan Ferres, Peyman Najafirad

    Announcement of the PBVS 2024 Challenge Winners (16:30 - 17:00)

    "5th Thermal Image Super-Resolution Challenge (TISR)" Rafael E. Rivadeneira, Angel D. Sappa et al.
    "Multi-modal Aerial View Imagery Challenge: Classification (MAVIC-C)" Spencer Low, Oliver Nina et al.
    "Multi-modal Aerial View Imagery Challenge: Translation (MAVIC-T)" Spencer Low, Oliver Nina et al.

    Closing Remarks (17:00-17:15)

    The End of PBVS '24 (17:15)