PBVS '23 will be a hybrid workshop, with both in-person and virtual attendance options, please NOTE:

  • 1). The listed program is in PDT(Pacific Daylight Time) on June 18th, 2023;
  • 2). All presentations are oral to ensure that remote attendees can see the full program and interact with the authors/speakers;
  • 3). For online speakers, please also send pre-recorded presentations to program chairs in case there are any network issues on the workshop day;
  • 4). Each presentation is 10 minutes including a 2-minute Q&A

  • Welcome Message from the Chairs (08:30-08:40)

    Keynote Talk (08:40-09:20)

    "Perception from Radar sensors: principles and challenges" Robert Laganiere
    University of Ottawa, Canada

    Session 1: Remote Sensing (09:20 - 10:00)

    "Multispectral Contrastive Learning with Viewmaker Networks" (09:20) Jasmine Bayrooti, Noah Goodman, Alex Tamkin
    "C-PLES: Contextual Progressive Layer Expansion with Self-attention for Multi-class Landslide Segmentation on Mars using Multimodal Satellite Imagery" (09:30) Abel A. Reyes-Angulo, Sidike Paheding, A. Rajaneesh, Sajinkumar KS, Thomas Oommen
    "A Three-Stage Framework with Reliable Sample Pool for Long-Tailed Classification" (09:40) Feng Cai, Keyu Wu, Haipeng Wang, Feng Wang
    "DeepMAO: Deep Multi-scale Aware Overcomplete Network for Building Segmentation in Satellite Imagery" (09:50) Aniruddh Sanjoy Sikdar, Sumanth V. Udupa, Prajwal Gurunath, Suresh Sundaram

    Coffee Break (10:00-10:30)

    Keynote Talk (10:30-11:10)

    "Towards a Comprehensive Perception: Methodologies for Thermal Imaging Data Analysis" Zheng Liu
    University of British Columbia, Canada

    Session 2: Thermal Infrared (11:10 - 12:00)

    "Spectral Transfer Guided Active Domain Adaptation For Thermal Imagery" (11:10) Berkcan Ustun, Ahmet Kagan Kaya, Ezgi Cakir Ayerden, Fazil Altinel
    "IR Reasoner: Real-time Infrared Object Detection by Visual Reasoning" (11:20) Meryem Mine Gundogan, Tolga Aksoy, Alptekin Temizel, Ugur Halici
    "Photometric Correction for Infrared Sensors" (11:30) Jincheng Zhang, Kevin Brink, Andrew Willis
    "CoReFusion: Contrastive Regularized Fusion for Guided Thermal Super-Resolution" (11:40) Aditya Kasliwal, Pratinav Seth, Sanchit Singhal, Sriya Rallabandi
    "Thermal Infrared Single Image Dehazing and Blind Image Quality Assessment" (11:50) Fabian Erlenbusch, Constanze Merkt, Bernardo de Oliveira, Alexander Gatter, Friedhelm Schwenker, Ulrich Klauck, Michael Teutsch

    Lunch Break (12:00-13:00)

    Keynote Talk (13:00-13:40)

    "Solving the Deployment Challenge – Moving AI from Research to the Factory Floor" Jonathan Hou
    Pleora Technologies, Canada

    Session 3: Other Modalities (13:40 - 14:10)

    "Detecting Underwater Discrete Scatterers in Echograms with Deep Learning-Based Semantic Segmentation" (13:40) Rhythm Vohra, Femina Senjaliya, Melissa Cote, Amanda Dash, Alexandra Branzan Albu, Julek Chawarski, Steve Pearce, Kaan Ersahin
    "MoundCount: A detection-based approach for automatic counting of planting microsites on UAV images" (13:50) Ahmed Zgaren, Wassim Bouachir, Nizar Bouguila, Riad I. Hammoud
    "Seeing Through the Data: A Statistical Evaluation of Prohibited Item Detection Benchmark Datasets for X-ray Security Screening" (14:00) Brian Kostadinov Isaac Medina, Seyma Yucer, Neelanjan Bhowmik, Toby P. Breckon

    Announcement of the PBVS 2023 Challenges' Winners (14:10 - 15:00)

    "4th Thermal Image Super-Resolution Challenge (TISR)" (14:10) Rafael E. Rivadeneira, Angel D. Sappa et al.
    "Multi-modal Aerial View Object Classification Challenge (MAVOC)" (14:30) Spencer Low, Angel D. Sappa, Erik Blasch, Nathan Inkawhich
    "Multi-modal Aerial View Imagery Challenge (MAVIC)" (14:45) Spencer Low, Angel D. Sappa, Erik Blasch, Nathan Inkawhich

    Coffee Break (15:00-15:30)

    Keynote Talk (15:30-16:10)

    "Thermal imaging for privacy preserving surveillance applications" Rikke Gade
    Aalborg University, Denmark

    Session 4: "Multi-modal Fusion" (16:10 - 17:20)

    "Mitigating Catastrophic Interference using Unsupervised Multi-Part Attention for RGB-IR Face Recognition" (16:10) Kshitij N. Nikhal, Nkiruka Uzuegbunam, Bridget Kennedy, Benjamin Riggan
    "Multi-sensor Ensemble-guided Attention Network for Aerial Vehicle Perception Beyond Visible Spectrum" (16:20) Alicja Kwasniewska, Anastacia Macallister, Javier Garza, Rey Nicolas
    "A Meta-learning Approach for Domain Generalisation across Visual Modalities in Vehicle Re-identification" (16:30) Eleni Kamenou, Jesus Martinez del Rincon, Paul Miller, Patricia M. Devlin-Hill
    "Enhanced Thermal-RGB Fusion for Robust Object Detection" (16:40) Wassim El Ahmar, Yahya A. Massoud, Dhanvin Kolhatkar, Hamzah A. Alghamdi, Mohammad Alja’afreh, Riad Hammoud, Robert Laganiere
    "VisiTherS: Visible-thermal infrared stereo disparity estimation of human silhouette" (16:50) Noreen Anwar, Philippe Duplessis-Guindon, Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau, Wassim Bouachir
    "Multimodal Object Detection by Channel Switching and Spatial Attention" (17:00) Yue Cao, Junchi Bin, Jozsef Hamari, Erik Blasch, Zheng Liu
    "Appearance Label Balanced Triplet Loss for Multi-modal Aerial View Object Classification" (17:10) Raghunath Puttagunta, Zhu Li, Shuvra Bhattacharyya, George York

    Closing Remarks (17:20-17:30)

    The End of PBVS '23 (17:30)